DVD : Ohio House Health Committee - 5-11-2021
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H.B. No. 247
Rep. West, Rep. Kelly
To amend the law related to plumbing inspections
3rd Hearing, All Testimony

S.B. No. 3
Sen. Roegner
To enter into the Nurse Licensure Compact
3rd Hearing, All Testimony

H.B. No. 60
Rep. Brent, Rep. Seitz
Authorize medical marijuana for autism spectrum disorder
3rd Hearing, Opponent Testimony

H.B. No. 198
Rep. Russo, Rep. Manchester
To require health plan issuers to cover hearing aids and related services for persons twenty-one years of age and younger and to designate these changes Madeline's Law.
2nd Hearing, Proponent Testimony

H.B. No. 196
Rep. Kelly, Rep. Carruthers
Regulate the practice of surgical assistants
2nd Hearing, Proponent Testimony
May 11, 2021