DVD : Ohio House Health Committee - 6-2-2020
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S.B. No. 59 Sen. Antonio
Require pharmacist education regarding naloxone dispensing
4th Hearing
All Testimony PV

H.B. No. 484
Rep. Abrams, Rep.Carfagna
Regards practice of athletic training
3rd Hearing Opponent Testimony PA

H.B. No. 469 Rep. Manchester,Rep. West
Prohibit certain health insurance cost sharing practices
2nd Hearing
Proponent Testimony

H.B. No. 482 Rep. Clites, Rep.Manchester
Prohibit pharmacy benefit managers acting on certain reimbursals
2nd Hearing Proponent Testimony

S.B. No. 303 Sen. Huffman, A.,Sen. Manning
Regards pharmacist consult agreements
1st Hearing Sponsor Testimony

S.B. No. 229 Sen. Schaffer
To designate the second week of November as "Ohio DiabetesAwareness-Heart Connection Week."
1st Hearing Sponsor Testimony

S.B. No. 178 Sen. Schuring
Regarding the authority of podiatrists toad minister influenza vaccinations.
1st Hearing Sponsor Testimony
June 2, 2020