DVD : Ohio House Primary And Secondary Education Committee - 5-18-2021
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H. B. No. 112
Rep. Miller, J., Rep. Lepore-Hagan
Require one time performance audit of certain schools
1st Hearing, Sponsor

H. B. No. 73
Rep. Manning, Rep. Crawley
Regards educational testing, assessment, and retention
3rd Hearing, Poss. Am. Prop/Opp/IP

H. B. No. 105
Rep. Lipps, Rep. Kelly
Regards age-appropriate child sexual abuse instruction
3rd Hearing, Poss. Am., Prop/Opp/IP

H. B. No. 82
Rep. Cross, Rep. Jones
Eliminate required assessment for high school graduation
2nd Hearing, Poss. Am., Proponent
May 18, 2021