DVD : Ohio House State And Local Government Committee - 3-3-2021
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H.B. No. 89
Rep. Wiggam
To modify the requirement that a concealed handgun licensee must notify a law enforcement officer that the licensee is authorized to carry a concealed handgun and is carrying a concealed handgun when stopped.
2nd Hearing

H.B. No 87
Rep. Stephens, Rep. John
To exempt county utility supply contracts entered into under a joint purchasing program from the 10-year maximum period for such contracts.
2nd Hearing

H.B. No 127
Rep. Merrin
To establish relief for businesses that have violated COVID-19 orders by vacating and expunging the violations and by refunding fines to those businesses and to make an appropriation.
1st Hearing

H.B. No. 62
Rep. Loychik, Rep. Grendell
To designate the State of Ohio as a Second Amendment Sanctuary State and to name this act the Ohio Second Amendment Safe Haven Act
1st Hearing

S.B. No 22
Sen. Johnson, Sen. McColley
Establish legislative oversight over Governor's and health orders
1st Hearing
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March 3, 2021