DVD : Ohio House State And Local Government Committee - 5-27-2020
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H. B. 340
Rep. Cupp
Revises Ohio's Drainage law
6th Hearing
All Testimony PV

H.B. 450
Rep. Stephens
To require fiscal officers of certain political subdivisions to provide certificates of transition to their successors when leaving office and to modify language regarding the duty of a treasurer of a board of education to deliver to the treasurer's successor all papers related to the affairs of the district.
3rd Hearing
All Testimony PV

H.B. 476
Rep. Hambley
To amend the law regarding eminent domain and to declare an emergency
2nd Hearing

H.B. 624
Rep. Grendell
To require the reporting and release of certain COVID-19 testing and related information and to delare an emergency.
1st Hearing
May 27, 2020