DVD : Ohio House Transportation And Public Safety Committee - 6-18-2019
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H. B. No. 51 - Rep. Ginter
Require center-line rumble strips for certain highway projects
5th Hearing - Poss. Vote - Prop/Opp/IP

H. B. No. 125 - Rep. Koehler
Require Second Chance Trust Fund inquiry when register vehicle
1st Hearing - Sponsor

H. B. No. 158 - Rep. Blessing
Waive fee for indigent petitioning for limited driving privileges
3rd Hearing - Poss. Vote - Opponent

H. B. No. 186 - Rep. Hillyer, Rep. Sheehy
Regards rail yard safety, train operations, and road obstruction
1st Hearing - Sponsor

H. B. No. 202 - Rep. Smith, K., Rep. Weinstein
Establishes Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Study Committee
1st Hearing - Sponsor

H. B. No. 236 - Rep. Smith, T., Rep. Plummer
Add hospital police to the definition of peace officer
3rd Hearing - Poss. Vote - Prop/Opp/IP

A full record of House Committee proceedings is available here: ohiohouse.gov/committee/transportation-and-public-safety
June 18, 2019