DVD : Ohio House Ways And Means Committee - 11-12-2019
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H. B. No. 17
Rep. Ginter
Enhance homestead exemption-spouse of killed safety officer
4th Hearing
Poss. Vote
Poss. Am.
All Testimony

H. B. No. 196
Rep. Powell
Exempts from sales tax membership to gyms operated by a nonprofit
5th Hearing
Poss. Vote
All Testimony

H. B. No. 222
Rep. Stoltzfus, Rep. Howse
Credit tax-expenses in training commercial vehicle operator
3rd Hearing
Poss. Sub. Bill
All Testimony

H. B. No. 297
Rep. Ginter, Rep. Powell
Grant tax credit-contribute cash to pregnancy resource center
3rd Hearing
November 12, 2019