DVD : Ohio House Ways And Means Committee - 2-11-2020
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H. B. No. 485
Rep. Stephens, Rep. Scherer
Remove requirement CAUV farmland owners annually renew
1st Hearing

H. B. No. 400
Rep. McClain
Grant income tax credit-sale of high-ethanol blend motor fuel
2nd Hearing

H. B. No. 439
Rep. Stephens
Adjust homestead exemptions for inflation
2nd Hearing
Poss. Am.

H. B. No. 467
Rep. Scherer
Reduce pass-through entity withholding tax rate
3rd Hearing

H. B. No. 419
Rep. Swearingen
Exempts seasonal storage/use of non-Ohio watercraft from use tax
4th Hearing
Poss. Am.
All Testimony
February 11, 2020