DVD : Ohio House Ways And Means Committee - 5-11-2021
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State Auditor's Office Presentation:
Real Property Tax Rollback System Weaknesses

H. B. No. 268
Rep. Jordan
Exempt sale of investment metal bullion and coins from sales tax
1st Hearing
All Testimony

H. B. No. 225
Rep. Edwards, Rep. Hall
Grant tax credits to volunteer peace officers, firefighters, EMS
1st Hearing

H. B. No. 262
Rep. Miranda, Rep. Kelly
Enact Child Access Prevention Tax Credit Act
1st Hearing

H. B. No. 79
Rep. Russo, Rep. Boyd
Authorize tax credit for certain caregiver expenses
1st Hearing

H. B. No. 165
Rep. McClain
Allow temporary tax credit for sale of certain motor fuel
3rd Hearing
May 11, 2021