DVD : Ohio House Ways And Means Committee - 6-15-2021
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H. B. No. 323
Rep. Fowler Arthur
Authorize income tax credit for certain education expenses
1st Hearing

H. B. No. 255
Rep. Lipps
Permit second delinquent property tax publication online
3rd Hearing
Poss. Vote
Poss. Am.
All Testimony

Am. S. B. No. 19
Sen. Schaffer
Create property tax exemption for wetland mitigation projects
4th Hearing
Poss. Am.
All Testimony

H. B. No. 165
Rep. McClain
Allow temporary tax credit for sale of certain motor fuel
4th Hearing
Poss. Am.
Poss. Sub. Bill
All Testimony

H. B. No. 186
Rep. Swearingen, Rep. Wilkin
Enact First-time Home Buyer Savings Act
2nd Hearing
June 15, 2021