DVD : Ohio Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee - 5-18-2021
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S. B. No. 143
Require EPA Director adopt maximum contaminant level
1st Hearing, Sponsor

S. B. No. 164
Hottinger, Yuko
Regards companion animal cruelty; destruction by gas chamber
1st Hearing, Sponsor

S. B. No. 171
Hoagland, Rulli
Regards sale of brine from oil or gas operations as a commodity
1st Hearing, Sponsor

S. B. No. 83*
Williams, Rulli
Require EPA conduct a study to determine brownfield locations
4th Hearing, Proponent/Opponent/Interested Party

S. B. No. 102*RoegnerExempt homebrewers and home fermenters fromliquor law3rd Hearing,Proponent/Opponent/Interested Party
May 18, 2021