DVD : Ohio Senate General Government and Agency Review Committee - 2-5-2020
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S. C. R. No. 8*
Roegner, Peterson
Urge Congress-permanently extend Daylight Saving Time
4th Hearing, Proponent/Opponent/Interested Party

S. B. No. 246
Roegner, McColley
Require occupational licensing of out-of-state licensees
3rd Hearing, Proponent/Interested Party

S. B. No. 242
Designate Robert G. Heft Day
3rd Hearing,
Interested Party

S. B. No. 187
Prohibit suggestive performances by minors; revoke liquor permit
2nd Hearing, Proponent

S. B. No. 261
Yuko, Rulli
Creates Commission and Office of Eastern European Affairs
1st Hearing, Sponsor
February 5, 2020