DVD : Ohio Senate Insurance and Financial Institutions Committee - 12-1-2020
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Sub. H. B. No. 38HillyerProvide credit report to businesses/allow businesses todispute6th Hearing,Proponent/Opponent/Interested Party(Possible Amendments)

Sub. H. B. No. 150*MerrinReduce taxes on new banks and mortgage lenders 3rd Hearing,Proponent/Opponent/Interested Party

S. B. No. 305CraigRequire health insurer cover telemedicine duringemergency2nd Hearing,Proponent

S. B. No. 362PetersonIncrease tax credit for investing in rural businessgrowth funds2nd Hearing,Proponent

Sub. H. B. No. 388Holmes, A.Regards out-of-network health care 2nd Hearing,Proponent
December 1, 2020