DVD : Ohio Senate Local Government, Public Safety and Veterans Affairs Committee - 12-1-2020
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S. B. No. 315HoaglandAllow towing service get title to police-storedunclaimed vehicle1st Hearing,Sponsor(Possible Amendments)

S. B. No. 356DolanChange law-tax foreclosures/land reutilizationcorporations2nd Hearing,Proponent/Opponent/Interested Party

Sub. H. B. No. 429LaRe, AbramsChange Address Confidentiality Program 2nd Hearing,Proponent

Sub. H. B. No. 421Smith, T., BlairProvide immunity to hospital police officers 2nd Hearing,Proponent(Possible Amendments)

Sub. H. B. No. 277Plummer, WestRevise law about electronic recording of custodialinterrogations2nd Hearing,Proponent

H. B. No. 450*StephensRegards transition of duties of fiscal officers andtreasurers3rd Hearing,Proponent/Opponent/Interested Party(Possible Amendments)
December 1, 2020