DVD : Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame - 2010
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The Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame honors older Ohioans for the vital role they play in society. Individuals selected for induction embody the productivity and enjoyment that should be a part of every person's retirement years.

The Elder Caregiver Award symbolically honors the thousands of Ohio caregivers who lovingly take care of family and friends day after day.

Presenters: Barbara E. Riley - Director, Ohio Department of Aging, and Duana Patton - President, Ohio Association of Area Agencies on Aging

Elder Caregiver Honorees: Terry Brown, Thomas Brown, Mary Camp, Lin-Yen "Laurine" Chang, Daris Dolan, Ellen Eichenberger, Olivia "Leafy" Eickholt, George Gray, John Logan, Martha Osborne, Penny Pearce, Elizabeth Ziegler

Senior Citizen Hall of Fame Inductees: Richard Bozian, M.D.; Allen Brokaw; Robert Conrad; Joan Gordon; Charles Greene; James "Jim" Harris; Russell "Duke" Iden; Joan W. Lawrence; Warner Moore; Allen Newell; Paul Newman; Mel Simon, M.D.; Lynn Wolaver, Ph.D.
May 24, 2010