DVD : Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame - 2011
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The Ohio Senior Citizens Hall of Fame honors older Ohioans for the vital role they play in society. Individuals selected for induction embody the productivity and enjoyment that should be a part of every person's retirement years.

The Elder Caregiver Award symbolically honors the thousands of Ohio caregivers who lovingly take care of family and friends day after day.

Presenters: Bonnie Kantor-Burman - Director, Ohio Department of Aging, and Suzanne Burke - CEO, Council on Aging of Southwestern Ohio; and President, Ohio Association of Area Agencies on Aging

Elder Caregiver Honorees:
Linda Beverly, Mark Hammock, Phillip Kitson, June Meade, Rhonda Madison, Pauline Moss, Jeanne Nelson, Pandora Neuhart, Nancy Shambaugh, Carol Sonnenberg, Mary Martin Stouffer, Raymond Sword, Debra Lawson, and Mary Weagle

Senior Citizen Hall of Fame Inductees:
Emily Campbell Brown, Gifford Doxsee, Bracy Lewis, Kathryn Harleman Loxley, Wilbur Mullen, Jean Schlecht, Helmut Schmidt, Charlotte Shaffer, Dillon Staas Jr., Bobbie Sterne, S. Penny Triplett, Jim Winkler, and the Circle of Grandparents: Diane DeMuth, Elizabeth Hague, Anthony Petrozzi, Kathryn K. Shaffer, Braxton & Polly Tewart, and James Timko
May 26, 2011