DVD : Ohio State Fair - 4-H Dog Agility: Standard On-Lead (2012)
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The 2012 Ohio State Fair 4-H Dog Agility Event was held on July 28 at the Denny Hale Arena. This event was judged by Ann Straker.

Dog agility is a competitive sport that tests a person's skills in training and handling of dogs over a timed obstacle course. Competitors race against the clock as they direct their dogs to jump hurdles, scale ramps, burst through tunnels, traverse a see-saw and weave through a line of poles in an obstacle course configuration designed to challenge a handler's competitive and training skills. With scoring based on faults similar to equestrian show jumping, dog agility has become an exciting spectator event.

On-lead handlers must hold lead at all times except when dog is in the tunnel. Dogs must
enter and exit ring on lead. No more than 10 obstacles are used on the on-lead course. The Standard course time is 60 seconds.
July 28, 2012