DVD : Spotlight : Riffe Gallery - Connections: Ohio Artists Abroad
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Connections: Ohio Artists Abroad

April 25 - July 7, 2002

This exhibition is the last in a series of four Riffe Gallery exhibitions celebrating the YEAR OF THE ARTIST, July 2001-July 2002.

Curated by Susan Channing of SPACES in Cleveland, Connections features 13 artists who were given the opportunity by the Ohio Arts Council to leave the United States to exchange ideas with artists from other countries and to create new work in a new environment. Each of the artists in Connections spent five to eight weeks in countries where the Ohio Arts Council organizes cultural exchanges - Prague, Czech Republic; Dresden, Germany; Herzliya, Israel - and on international projects supported by the OAC in the Netherlands, Italy and India. This exhibition is about the transformation that artists undergo when they interact with a different culture, making art that reflects experiences unique to their location.
April 25, 2002