DVD : Spotlight : Riffe Gallery - Here and Beyond: The Ohio Art League's 100th Anniversary Exhibition
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HERE and Beyond: Ohio Art League's 100th Anniversary Exhibition
July 30 - October 25, 2009

Curated by Margo A. Crutchfield, Senior Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Cleveland

The 16 artists in this exhibition employ an array of media including painting, sculpture, printmaking, drawing, fabric and quilt works, installation, and photography, to deal with the concept of HERE, not only the notion of locale and origination, but that sense of immediacy of place and time, fused with reaching for the beyond.

"The art in this exhibition represents a broad range of media and a diversity of aesthetic directions," said Curator Margo A. Crutchfield. "While some of the artists work within traditional practices such as still life painting, drawing, or portraiture, others engage with abstraction, installation art, unusual printmaking processes, or current directions in reconsidering still life and landscape painting traditions."

Featured artists: Sandra Aska, Columbus; Carol Boram-Hays, Columbus; Denise Buckley, Richmond Heights; Mary Fahy, Columbus; Sarah E. Fairchild, Columbus; Matthew Friday, Athens; Curtis W.M. Goldstein, Columbus; Nicholas Hill, Granville; Morris Jackson, Columbus; Ardine Nelson, Columbus; Brent Payne, Oxford; Stephanie Sypsa, Columbus; Alicia Jean Vanderelli, Columbus; Barbara Vogel, Columbus; Melissa Vogley-Woods, Columbus; Tom Ward, Columbus
July 30, 2009