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An Ohio Art League Curated Exhibition

July 28 - October 16, 2005

The Ohio Art League, formerly the Columbus Art League, was established in 1909 as an organization for artists and supporters of the arts and has a commitment to organizing contemporary, thought-provoking art exhibitions that make art a relevant part of everyday life. Each year OAL invites prominent curators for its annual curated exhibitions. Made In Ohio continues OAL's efforts to keep membership varied, engaged and vibrant.

Made In Ohio reflects the diversity of the 96-year-old organization by including Ohio Art League artists born between 1930 and 1982, with every decade represented. Generational and individual differences will give visitors an understanding of the sources of and influences on each artist's creativity. The mixed media exhibition includes traditional mediums such as painting, photography and sculpture with an infusion of digital technology, collage, assemblage and abstraction.

Made In Ohio exhibits work by the following artists: Art Beery; Laura Bidwa; Bridgette Bogle; Philip Brou; Louise Captein; Dennis Dawson; Betsy DeFusco; Warren Fry; Linda Gall; Cheong-Ah Hwang; Tamara Jaeger; Marty Kalb; Kojo Kamau; Rory Krupp; Melinda McDaniel; Robert Metzger; Francis Schanberger; Suzanne Silver; and Molly Uline-Olmstead.
July 28, 2005