DVD : Supreme Court of Ohio - Case No. 2015-1737 Bibler v. Stevenson
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Gary L. Bibler et al. v. Jill D. Stevenson et al., Case No. 2015-1737
Third District Court of Appeals (Hancock County)

- Does the word "mandated," as used in R.C. 2744.01(H), mean any traffic-control device approved for use by the Ohio Manual of Uniform Traffic Control?
- Are local authorities required by R.C. 4511.65 to erect stop signs, yield signs, or other traffic-control devices at all intersections with state routes under their jurisdictions?
- Are traffic-control devices required by R.C. 45211.65 part of the public roads as defined in R.C. 2744.01(H)?
August 31, 2016