DVD : Supreme Court of Ohio - Case No. 2018-1262 LRC Realty, Inc. v. B.E.B. Properties
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LRC Realty Inc. v. B.E.B. Properties, New Par, d.b.a. Verizon Wireless et al. v. Bruce Bird et al. Case No. 2018-1262
Eleventh District Court of Appeals (Geauga County)

- Without a reservation of rent by a landowner prior to the sale of the land, does an agreement to pay rent run with the land, and is the right to receive rent acquired by the seller?
- When a warranty deed states that a sale of land is "subject to" a recorded lease agreement and easement, but neither of those documents state the seller is reserving the right to collect rent, does the buyer acquire the right to receive rent from the use of structures on the land?
December 11, 2019