DVD : The State of Ohio - 3-9-2018 - Kasich Delivers His Final State Of The State, And Bill O'Neill Talks About Running For Governor
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This week brought the eighth and final State of the State speech John Kasich will deliver as governor of Ohio - which he did in his hometown of Westerville, on the campus of Otterbein University. Correspondents Jo Ingles and Andy Chow were there and covered the speech and reaction to it.

The four major Democratic candidates who all hope to deliver the State of the State speech next year met the following night in Toledo for their first debate. For more than an hour, they were asked about marijuana, diversity on their teams, gun laws, infant mortality, opioids and algae blooms in Lake Erie. And they sparred more than a bit, with the most highly-charged lines coming toward Richard Cordray from Bill O'Neill.

The attacks by Bill O'Neill may have been a surprise to some, but O'Neill has said his campaign is serious. That's even after a memo read at the party's executive committee meeting from the group that vetted the candidates that said the party is concerned about the viability of his candidacy because of - quote - financial and ethical challenges. Bill O'Neill talked about his somewhat unexpected run for governor this week.
March 9, 2018