DVD : The State of Ohio - A Call For Charter School Reform, And Libertarians Try Unusual Tactic To Get To Ohio Ballot
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A charter school supporter who's also had plenty of harsh words to say about charters is calling on state lawmakers to take up charter school reform when they return after the November election. State auditor Dave Yost spoke at a charter school summit his office organized, and told the pro-charter crowd that funding for charter schools needs to be looked at. His comments come as the Ohio Department of Education is fighting in court with the state's largest e-school over an attendance audit, and as the lawsuit has put his audits of ECOT under scrutiny. And Gov. John Kasich who hasn't made many public appearances since leaving the Republican race for president in May, he was at a ribbon cutting this week, talking about a lot of issues but not talking to reporters.

We've become used to the unusual in this 2016 presidential election season, what with the candidates, their statements and gaffes, and the overall political climate. And this week, one more unusual thing has been added to the list. Statehouse correspondent Jo Ingles reports on the Libertarians' unique strategy to get their presidential candidate's name on the Ohio ballot.

With more thoughts and analysis of the presidential race in Ohio including the latest Quinnipiac poll out this week, the first to feature likely Ohio voters - are two veteran political watchers and experts. Dr. Paul Beck is Professor Emeritus of Political Science at Ohio State University and Dr. John Green is the Director of the Bliss Institute of Applied Politics at the University of Akron.
August 12, 2016