DVD : The State of Ohio - Chiquita Brands Leaves Ohio
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Less than two weeks after two big jobs announcements in northeast Ohio, the state gets the news that Chiquita Brands is taking an offer to move its global headquarters to North Carolina and splitting from Cincinnati. Meanwhile, Ohio is ratcheting up its sales pitch to Sears, offering the retailer $400 million To come to Ohio from Illinois. The expected sponsor of a bill that would ban casual ownership of exotic animals in Ohio says it will likely be introduced early next year. Another lawmaker is leaving the legislature. Republican Rep. and former Senator John Carey of Wellston has been named as assistant to the president for Government Relations and Strategic Initiatives at Shawnee State University in Portsmouth. In all, at least 13 lawmakers are not in the same office in which they started the year - some have been appointed to fill other open seats, and others have left for other positions in government or in the private sector.

The economy has been showing signs of stabilizing - but there are more people living in poverty now than at any other time in US history, and 1.7 million Ohioans, or nearly 16%, are living in poverty. A study from the Brookings Institution says Youngstown has the nation's highest concentration of poverty among the 100 biggest metro areas, and three Ohio cities - Toledo, Youngstown and Dayton - are in the top 10 for the biggest poverty rate increases. And poverty is spreading rapidly to the suburbs. The poverty rate is increasing in communities adjacent to urban areas at twice the rate it's growing in cities. And homelessness is also on the rise. Shelters are reporting no available beds. Two veteran safety net advocates talk about hunger and homelessness in Ohio. Lisa Hamler-Fugitt is the executive director of the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Food Banks. And Bill Faith is the executive director of the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing in Ohio.

We end the show with sounds and images from this week's holiday tree lighting at the Statehouse.
December 2, 2011