DVD : The State of Ohio - Fighting Redistricting Issue
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A new poll shows President Barack Obama has cracked the 50% mark in Ohio, which some experts see as a key moment in a presidential campaign. President Obama was back in Ohio this week, stopping in Mansfield and Akron. Meanwhile, the Green Party's all female ticket has been cleared for Ohio's ballot.The group Progress Ohio and a pair of Democratic state representatives are going back to the Ohio Supreme Court over the state's job creation agency JobsOhio - with the help of a Tea Party-backed group.

President Obama's visit was one of the big things happening in politics this week in Ohio. And of course there's also a very big race on the ticket just down from the presidential contest - the US Senate battle between incumbent Democrat Sherrod Brown and Republican state treasurer Josh Mandel. Chris Redfern, chair of the Ohio Democratic Party, and Republican consultant Terry Casey talk about the race for the US Senate.

Campaign finance reports filed this week show that a coalition pushing changes to the way Ohio draws legislative and congressional district maps has raised more than $1.6 million, with the vast majority of donations coming from unions and union-backed groups. The Ohio Republican Party has been fiercely fighting the plan to create a 12 member citizens' commission, and now a group called Protect Your Vote Ohio has been created to answer the Voters First claims. Mark Rickel speaks for Protect Your Vote Ohio.

There are some people who might say that political campaigns create a lot of garbage. But to political junkies, historians and collecctors, that's an outright lie. The American Political Items Collectors' Convention is in Columbus this weekend, featuring all sorts of buttons and banners, as well as pins, posters, plates and even puppets.
August 3, 2012