DVD : The State of Ohio - Heartbeat Bill Update
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An Ohio man is still facing execution on Wednesday, and his fate is in the hands of a Cleveland judge. Cuyahoga County judge Stuart Friedman has been conducting a competency hearing for 53 year old Abdul Hamin Awkal. It was another busy week for Gov. Kasich, who signed another batch of bills and spent some time outside of his office talking about them. Lawmakers were back at the Statehouse for what were likely their final voting sessions before the November election. To cap the week, the governor met with reporters in a lengthy session at the Governor's Residence, flanked by Senate President Tom Niehaus and House Speaker Bill Batchelder.

One bill that is not on its way to the governor's desk is the one that would create the strictest ban on abortion in the country, the so-called Heartbeat Bill, which would ban abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected. This week, supporters said they'd come up with a deal. Republican Lynn Wachtmann (R-Napoleon) says the deal could satisfy both those pushing the Heartbeat Bill as well as Ohio Right to Life. But Ohio Right to Life's Mike Gonidakis says this deal brings no real change from the Heartbeat Bill the group officially opposes. As we've been reporting here for the last few months, the Ohio Department of Transportation has hit a bad stretch of road this year. Two veterans of state government share their thoughts on the future of ODOT: Rep. Rex Damschroder (R-Fremont), who chairs the House Transportation Committee, and former state Rep. Gene Krebs, now the senior director for government affairs and policy at Greater Ohio, a think tank that works on issues related to transportation, growth and land use.
June 15, 2012