DVD : The State of Ohio - Issue 1 - When Should Judges Retire?
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Democrats are still trying to stop Ohio's new Republican-approved Congressional map, but this week Secretary of State Jon Husted rejected more than a thousand signatures trying to put a repeal of the new maps on next year's ballot. The ad war over Issue 2 is heating up - but this week the ads actually were the subject both sides were fighting about.

Early voting is underway, and it's executed very differently in different counties. This week, a glimpse into how it's done in two of them - in Fayette County and Franklin County.

There's been discussion over the years about the role endorsements play in political campaigns. But it's almost easy to predict which groups might feel about each of the three statewide issues. However, the organization representing the state's county prosecutors has surprised some with its stand on the amendment to extend the mandatory retirement age of judges from 70 to 75. Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association executive director John Murphy talks about his group's position on Issue 1.

One of the first debates on Issue 2 was held recently at the Bexley Public Library - on the pro-Issue 2 side was Sen President Pro-Tem Keith Faber of Celina, and on the anti-Issue 2 side was Dale Butland, spokesman for We Are Ohio, which gathered the signatures to put Senate Bill 5 on the ballot. The two sparred for more than an hour about binding arbitration, negotiations for safety equipment, the banning of strikes and other provisions of the collective bargaining reform law. And the discussion got heated several times.

One person who was highly visible during the debate over Senate Bill 5 was the man who was leading the Democratic ticket at this time last year - former Gov. Ted Strickland. This week, Strickland is asked the question people on both sides of the aisle want to hear him answer.
October 14, 2011