DVD : The State of Ohio - Justice Speaks Out Against Death Penalty Law He Wrote
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Gov. John Kasich will take his annual State of the State speech on the road for the first time, delivering it February 7 before a joint session of the House and Senate in Steubenville. Some of the state's biggest road construction projects will be pushed back for decades, because, as ODOT director Jerry Wray said on The State of Ohio in August, the Ohio Department of Transportation is out of money. Lawmakers in the House came forward with their priority list this week.

The state is defending its lethal injection procedures before the U.S. Supreme Court against a federal court decision that temporarily halted an execution that was scheduled for this week. Meanwhile, one of the state's most long-serving justices has been speaking out against Ohio's death penalty law, which he helped create. Ohio Supreme Court Justice Paul Pfeifer has written about his concerns about the death penalty statute, and last month even told a House committee the law's application has become hit-or-miss, depending on where a crime is committed and what the county prosecutor's attitude is. Pfeifer talks about his concerns about the death penalty law that he wrote.
January 20, 2012