DVD : The State of Ohio - Libertarians Lose In Court, And Two Budget Gurus Shed Light On Governor's Budget Update
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A federal judge has ruled against the Libertarian Party of Ohio, handing another setback to the Libertarian candidates for governor and attorney general. The LPO has filed an appeal in the Sixth Circuit, and while Libertarian candidate for governor Charlie Earl says he's on board with that, he's not optimistic.

The capital budget is out, and it's $541 million dollars bigger than two years ago. The $2.4 billion dollar bill directs $675 million toward primary and secondary schools and $450 million toward public colleges and universities for repairs, renovations and new buildings, plus $160 million in local projects.

The governor's budget update called the mid-biennium review or MBR has been split up into 14 different bills, and is being looked over by state lawmakers in 11 different House committees now. But researchers, lobbyists, pundits and strategists have been tearing into it since it appeared on its own website two weeks ago. But one of the best ways to examine the budget is to look at the numbers in it, and the long history behind state budgets, and these sorts of budget correction bills, in general. Two budget experts will do just that. Neil Clark is the former chief financial officer of the Ohio Senate Republican Caucus. And Bill Shkurti was the state budget director under Democratic Gov. Richard Celeste.
March 21, 2014