DVD : The State of Ohio - No Congressional Map in Ohio; Issue 2 Debate
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Voters may yet decide whether to keep or toss out Ohio's new map of Congressional districts - Democrats are still gathering signatures to put the map onto the ballot. But lawmakers made moves to add a create a second primary in June. Senators Bill Coley, Eric Kearney, Nina Turner and Keith Faber speak out.

With just a little over two weeks left till election day, Ohio is deep in debate season now. The latest one on Issue 2 was before the City Club of Cleveland, and it featured two passionate participants who are also both Democrats. Former Democratic Congressman Dennis Eckart argued for We Are Ohio, which put Issue 2 on the ballot and encourages a no vote, and Democrat and former Cincinnati City Councilmember Jeff Berding argued for Building a Better Ohio, which supports Senate Bill 5 and Issue 2.

Ohioans saw a story unfold this week that many never could have imagined - and now many can't stop thinking about. Dozens of tigers, lions, bears and other animals that had been kept caged in the backyard of a Zanesville-area man are dead, after the man opened and destroyed their cages to let them run free and then killed himself. And now lawmakers are trying to figure out how to shut down others who own dangerous exotic animals across Ohio.

And the state's four year old ban on smoking in most indoor places came before the Ohio Supreme Court this week, and it's being framed as a case pitting the rights of private property owners against a popular public health crusade. Zeno's in Columbus is arguing the ban is unconstitutional, while the state says its police power allows it to enforce the ban. Fifty bars across the state have racked up more than $10,000 in fines for violations of the smoking ban.
October 21, 2011