DVD : The State of Ohio - Political Experts Weigh In On Ohio's Role
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With only 40-some days remaining till the election, the major party presidential campaigns seem to be making sure Ohio is on their weekly touring schedule. For the second time this year, the state put a condemned killer to death. The inmate who would be the first to be executed in 2013 is fighting his sentence, saying he's too obese for the lethal injection process to work. And the agency is also dealing with an upcoming shortfall in the drug it uses to do lethal injections. A group is suing Ohio's Secretary of State, asking the court to order Jon Husted to purge the state's voter rolls. The state's elections commission has found probable cause that a mailer sent by opponents of the redistricting issue known as Issue 2 violates Ohio election law. And a man who was once talked about as a potential Democratic candidate for governor - Cuyahoga County prosecutor Bill Mason - has left his job as the prosecutor in Ohio's largest county.

Labor Day has been the traditional start of the campaign season in Ohio, but as we all well know, the campaigns for president, US Senate and Congress began months ago.Two political scientists who've been watching the race carefully share their thoughts - Michael Brady is an assistant professor of political science at Denison University in Granville, and Melissa Miller is an assistant professor of political science at Bowling Green State University.
September 21, 2012