DVD : The State of Ohio - State School Superintendent Talks School Changes, No Child Left Behind
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It's a big week for Republicans in Ohio. Treasurer Josh Mandel, the leading candidate for the GOP nomination for US Senate made news by announcing he is a candidate. The race for the GOP nomination for president in Ohio is close - so close that people who say they could still change their minds could change the results. The campaigns make their final arguments: Attorney General Mike DeWine is campaigning for Rick Santorum, Rep. Jay Hottinger (R-Newark) backs Mitt Romney, Franklin County Republican Party chair Doug Preisse supports Newt Gingrich, and Sen. Kris Jordan (R-Powell) speaks for Ron Paul.

There are also four Republican state senate primaries - none on the Democratic side - and 18 Republican primaries and 15 Democratic primaries for the Ohio House. Among the long-serving lawmakers facing challenges in the primary are Democrats Vernon Sykes, Sandra Williams, Barbara Boyd and minority leader Armond Budish. Veteran lawmaker Lou Blessing has a Republican opponent, and also in the Cincinnati area, former Representative Tom Brinkman is challenging incumbent Peter Stautberg. And of course there are the Congressional races. Some political experts have suggested that in as many as 15 of Ohio's 16 districts, the victor on primary night will be the winner in the fall.

Each week we're digging into a part of Gov. Kasich's second State of the State speech. This week - education. State School Superintendent Stan Heffner talks about some of what's happening in the Department of Education, including the state's decision to file for a waiver for some portions of the federal No Child Left Behind Act.
March 2, 2012