DVD : The State of Ohio - Super Tuesday Turns Out To Be A Super Close Vote In Ohio
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Super Tuesday is over, and it was super close in Ohio. In a race that logged low voter turnout, Mitt Romney squeaked out a win over challenger Rick Santorum in the GOP presidential nomination in Ohio,
Ohio Republican Party chair Kevin DeWine and Ohio Democratic Party chair Chris Redfern talk about the primary, and about the GOP US Senate race, in which treasurer Josh Mandel came out on top of a five-person field. The reporters of the Statehouse News Bureau, Bill Cohen and Jo Ingles, analyze the vote and what happened.

There were some surprises in the Congressional races on Tuesday. But experts are saying the November vote won't be nearly as exciting. In most districts, the real battle was this week, because the districts have been drawn to favor one party so strongly that there's little mystery about what will happen in the general election. That's something that election law professor Dan Tokaji has been watching from his position at the Moritz College of Law at Ohio State University.
March 9, 2012