DVD : The State of Ohio - Talking Tax Reform
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There was lots of election-related action this week - but unfortunately, some questions were left unanswered. And as we all now know, it won't be US Sen. Rob Portman for vice president. But Portman continued to campaign for Republican hopeful Mitt Romney in Ohio.

So far, the state is in the black this fiscal year, with tax revenues for July coming in 5% above estimates. Some see this as a chance for Gov. John Kasich to once again talk about cutting the state income tax, but he's also interested in comprehensive tax reform - looking into more than $7 billion worth of exemptions. But whatever the tax reforms - or changes, if you prefer - that might come about, they will affect individual Ohioans, and can add up. Talking tax reform are Kevin Holtsberry, the president of the conservative think tank the Buckeye Institute and Dale Butland, the communications director for Innovation Ohio, a progressive think tank.
August 17, 2012