DVD : The State of Ohio - The Democrat Ticket Campaigns, Secretary of State On 2014 Elections, And Battling Human Trafficking
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The first team to file for governor and lieutenant governor for the Democrats was together for the first time since kicking off their campaign last weekend. And the entire Democratic ticket was Ed FitzGerald and Sharen Neuhardt, at what is obviously an important event - the endorsement of the whole group by Planned Parenthood. Neuhardt talks about why she feels she can lead the team to a win this fall, and FitzGerald talks about Todd Portune, who was on this show last week talking about the possibility that he may run against FitzGerald in the May primary.

This is a big election year - not just with the governor's race but with all the other statewide executive offices, the entire Ohio House, half the Ohio Senate and all 16 members of Congress, and maybe even a ballot issue or two. Secretary of State Jon Husted shares some thoughts not about his re-election campaign against Democratic State Sen. Nina Turner of Cleveland, but about what he expects voters, poll workers, elections officials and lawmakers will have to deal with in this election year.

The state and the nation marked Human Trafficking Awareness Day this month - but for activists and survivors, that is every day. Human trafficking is estimated to be a $32 billion a year international crisis, and it's often called modern day slavery. And most often, the victims are girls who are teenagers, and sometimes preteens, who are forced into prostitution. For the past eight years, lawmakers in Ohio have been wrestling with the issue, since Ohio has been shown to one of the leading states in the nation for traffickers. Rep. Teresa Fedor, a Democrat of Toledo, and Elizabeth Ranade-Janis, the Anti-Trafficking Coordinator with Gov. John Kasich's office were two of the leading figures involved in this month's 5th annual Human Trafficking Awareness Day at the Statehouse, and they talk about what's happening with human trafficking and what they think needs to happen to stop it.
January 24, 2014