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00:00:13The Map Room is the starting point of the
00:00:15Ohio Statehouse visitors' experience.
00:00:18This room is also a busy passageway
00:00:20between Capitol Square's two main structures:
00:00:23the 1861 Statehouse and the 1901 Senate Building.
00:00:28The Map Room gets its name from the large
00:00:30marble map of Ohio on the floor.
00:00:33The map, showing all of Ohio's 88 counties,
00:00:36is made from six different colors of marble from around the world.
00:00:41It is important to note that Ohio has no native marble.
00:00:45The map that you see on the floor was completed in 1993
00:00:48and was donated by Ohio's county commissioners.
00:00:52On the south wall you see two bronze relief sculptures:
00:00:56Historic Classroom and Modern Classroom.
00:01:00Created by Ohio artist George Danhires,
00:01:02the artwork contrasts education of the past and present
00:01:06by showing old tools and methods in one piece
00:01:10and newer techniques in the other.
00:01:12Both reliefs feature Ohio objects and people.
00:01:16In the Historic Classroom piece, notice the McGuffey Readers
00:01:20and the list of Ohio's presidents written on the chalk board.
00:01:24In the Modern Classroom piece, notice the Wright brothers' airplane
00:01:28and Ohio astronauts Neil Armstrong and John Glenn.
00:01:33Before you leave the Statehouse, we hope you'll have
00:01:35an opportunity to visit the Statehouse Museum shop.
00:01:38The Shop specializes in unique gifts
00:01:41with an Ohio or political theme.
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