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00:00:12This room takes its name from the center section of vistor's gallery
00:00:16in the Ohio House of Representatives Chamber.
00:00:20Constructed in the 1890s, the viewing gallery was originally
00:00:24referred to as "The Ladies' Gallery."
00:00:27It was meant to be a place where women could observe
00:00:29the goings-on of the legislature.
00:00:32When the Statehouse was first in use, it was very much
00:00:35a men-only environment.
00:00:37Women could not vote and were not involved in politics and government.
00:00:41Women's suffrage is an important theme in this room.
00:00:44After many decades of working for freedom and righteousness
00:00:47for others, women began to use their collective voice
00:00:50to fight for their own voting rights to influence and
00:00:53achieve social justice.
00:00:55As the 19th Century was drawing to a close,
00:00:58the women's suffrage movement was gaining much force,
00:01:02and the desire of women to be part of the government process,
00:01:05if not as direct participants, than at least as informed observers,
00:01:10was the reason to expand the capacity of the House Chambers'
00:01:13visitor's gallery. From that modest beginning, the legislature
00:01:17has seen the inclusion of women as voters and legislators,
00:01:21the first women members taking their seats in 1923.
00:01:26The Ladies' Gallery is a place of honor and learning
00:01:29in the Ohio Statehouse. The room pays homage to the first women
00:01:33Ohio legislators who paved the way for women in government.
00:01:37Notice the six hanging portraits of these first brave women.
00:01:42The room also honors all women who have served
00:01:45in the Ohio General Assembly.
00:01:48Ohio was a pivotal and active state in the movement with the
00:01:51Second National Women's Rights Convention held in Salem in 1850.
00:01:57And in 1912, more than 5,000 Ohio women marched
00:02:01for suffrage at the Ohio Statehouse.
00:02:04On June 16, 1919, only 12 days after the proposed
00:02:09Constitutional Amendment was sent to states by Congress
00:02:12for ratification, the Ohio General Assembly voted to ratify
00:02:17the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.
00:02:21The 19th Amendment became law on August 18, 1920
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