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00:00:11You're looking at the first piece of art
00:00:14ever commissioned by the State of Ohio.
00:00:17This dramatic painting illustrates an important moment
00:00:19during a key battle of the War of 1812.
00:00:23American and British ships clashed on Lake Erie,
00:00:26with the American forces under the command of Oliver Perry.
00:00:30When his flagship, the Lawrence, was on fire and in danger of sinking,
00:00:35his crew having suffered heavy casualties, Perry and his surviving
00:00:39crew members rode to the safety of another American ship,
00:00:42the Niagara, and continued the fight.
00:00:45They outmaneuvered the British, and enjoyed a decisive victory.
00:00:50The journey this painting took before it came to hang
00:00:52in the Statehouse is no less interesting than the subject it depicts.
00:00:57The artist, William Powell, agreed to deliver the painting
00:01:00for a certain price, but when he completed the artwork,
00:01:04he refused to hand it over unless he was paid triple that amount.
00:01:08When the State of Ohio refused to give in to his demands
00:01:11for more money, Powell took the painting on tour and exhibited it
00:01:15around the nation, both as a way to attract attention to his situation
00:01:20and demonstrate his skill as an artist and gain further commissions.
00:01:25In the end, Powell's plan worked just as he had envisioned.
00:01:29The state eventually met his increased price,
00:01:32and one of the commissions he gained was another depiction of
00:01:35Perry's Victory, which is now on view
00:01:37in the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C.
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