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00:00:13You are now looking at the largest painting to hang in the Statehouse.
00:00:17"The Signing of the Treaty of Greenville" is a massive canvas
00:00:20that is 23 feet from side to side and, along with it's frame,
00:00:25weighs 1,800 pounds.
00:00:28The painting depicts the signing of the Treaty of Greenville,
00:00:31an event that can truly be considered the beginning
00:00:34of modern Ohio history.
00:00:36When this treaty was signed, it ended hostilities between
00:00:39the new American nation and the native peoples
00:00:42who had long lived in this area.
00:00:45The treaty opened this portion of the Northwest Territory
00:00:48to exploration and settlement and led to the admission
00:00:51of Ohio as the 17th state in 1803.
00:00:56The painting is the work of a distinguished Ohio artist,
00:00:59Howard Chandler Christy.
00:01:02Christy had great success at the beginning of the 20th century
00:01:05as an illustrator for magazine covers, advertising art,
00:01:09and recruitment posters for the first World War.
00:01:13He became well-known in later life for large-scale paintings
00:01:16that portray historical events.
00:01:19His depiction of the signing of the U.S. Constitution
00:01:21hangs in the Nation's capitol in Washington, D.C.
00:01:26The painting you're looking at now demonstrates the way
00:01:28in which the artist has altered history slightly in order to create
00:01:32a more dramatic and visually interesting composition.
00:01:36Christy has gathered all the participants in the treaty signing
00:01:39in one place, with each side of the painting taken up
00:01:42with different factions involved in the proceedings.
00:01:46In actual fact, the signing of the treaty took place over a period
00:01:49of time and would not have been one single event,
00:01:52as captured on canvas in this painting.
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