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00:00:11The House Chamber contains the meeting space for the 99 members
00:00:15of the Ohio House of Representatives.
00:00:18The Chamber also includes space for members of the public to observe.
00:00:22The restoration of the building during the 1990s restored the chamber
00:00:27to its 19th century grandeur, as well as making it
00:00:30a fully-functional modern work space.
00:00:34In viewing the room, notice sumptuous period details combined with
00:00:38high-tech modern additions like television cameras and computers.
00:00:42Each House member has approximately 115,000 constituents.
00:00:48The center aisle also is a division between political parties
00:00:51with Democratic and Republican legislators seated
00:00:54on opposite sides of the aisle.
00:00:57The House makes use of an electronic voting system.
00:01:00Each member makes a yes or no choice with buttons
00:01:03built into each desk. Results are tabulated and
00:01:07displayed on large computerized displays on each side
00:01:10of the chamber, which are framed to capture the period of the building.
00:01:16The presence of the new and the old in this chamber emphacizes
00:01:19the fact that this building is a blending of two eras.
00:01:24The large, elegantly carved chair that is used by
00:01:27the Speaker of the House has a colorful myth attached to it.
00:01:31It has long been known as the "Lincoln Chair," since Abraham Lincoln
00:01:35did address a joint session of the Ohio Legislature
00:01:38in this chamber in 1861.
00:01:41It is easy to see how such a tall chair might be assumed
00:01:44to have been made especially for the use of such a tall man.
00:01:49Further research has shown that the chair was not built until 1878,
00:01:54so there is no way that Lincoln could have used it since he died in 1865.
00:02:00With modern technology today, anyone can view the proceedings of the
00:02:04Ohio House of Representatives online at
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