00:01:05Roll Call
00:02:02Public Testimony - Larry Mulligan Jr., Mayor of Middletown
00:07:45Q&A - Doug Sibila, President/CEO, Peoples Services, Inc
00:11:40Public Testimony - Jonathan Westendorf, City of Franklin Chief of Fire and EMS
00:16:48Public Testimony - Chris Bauserman, County Engineer Association of Ohio
00:25:20Public Testimony - Brett Booth, Gallia County Engineer
00:29:56Q&A - Dean Ringle, Executive Director, County Engineers Association of Ohio
00:31:04Public Testimony - Connie Fink, President of Ohio Township Association
00:35:09Public Testimony - Mike Summers, Mayor of Lakewood
00:39:06Public Testimony - Tom Balzer, Ohio Trucking Association
00:44:35Public Testimony - Steve Bergman, The American Council of Engineer Consultants of Ohio
00:48:38Q&A - Dean Ringle, Executive Director, County Engineers Association of Ohio
00:51:40Public Testimony - William Murdock, MidOhio Regional Planning Commission
00:55:13Christine Matacic, Liberty Township, Butler County Trustee
01:02:21Public Testimony - Jason Warner, Greater Ohio Policy Center
01:06:16Public Testimony - Dana Saucier, Jobs Ohio
01:10:18Public Testimony - Joanna Pinkerton, Central Ohio Transit Authority
01:15:13Q&A - Maryn Weimer, Director of Mobility, Ohio Center for Automotive Research
01:21:37Public Testimony - George Palko, Ohio Contractors Association
01:27:43Public Testimony - John Honeck, County Commissioner Association of Ohio
01:31:19Public Testimony - Steve Nicolson, All Aboard Ohio
01:36:58Public Testimony - Kristen Easterday, Ohio Aviation Association
01:41:32Public Testimony - Art Arnold, Ohio Railroad Association
01:45:44Public Testimony - Josh Lapp, Transit Columbus
01:48:05Public Testimony - William Tarter Jr., Cleveland NAACP
01:54:10Request for Additional Testimony - Jack Marchbank, Director, Ohio Department of Transportation
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