00:00:00Welcome and Opening Remarks Review and Accept Minutes - Blane Walter
00:01:36Future of Workforce Progress Report - Ryan Burgess
00:06:33Question - Rep. John Barnes, Jr.
00:09:27Question - Vicki Giambrone
00:10:49Comment - Rep. John Barnes, Jr.
00:12:03Comment - Vicki Giambrone
00:12:34Comment - Rep. John Barnes, Jr.
00:13:54Comment - Dan T. Moore III
00:18:48Comment - Rep. William Reineke
00:20:11In-Demand Jobs Report - Ryan Burgess
00:25:30Comment - Dan T. Moore III
00:29:41Ohio Labor Stats - Ryan Burgess
00:36:00Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act 101 - Ryan Burgess
00:39:17Comment - Dan T. Moore III
00:40:12Comment - Richard A. Stoff
00:41:06Comprehensive Case Management & Employment - Ryan Burgess
00:43:58State Metric - "Denominator" - Ryan Burgess
00:45:23Comment - Dan T. Moore III
00:46:09Question - Rep. William Reineke
00:47:28Ohio Analytics - Jonathan Bocanegra & Josh Hawley
00:52:29Comment - Richard A. Stoff
00:54:45Comment - Dan T. Moore III
00:55:50Comment - Blane Walter
00:56:57Comment - Ryan Burgess
01:06:23Question - Richard A. Stoff
01:08:18Followup question - Richard A. Stoff
01:08:40Post-Secondary Attainment Goal - Brett Visger
01:13:36Question - Dan T. Moore III
01:20:55Comment - Richard A. Stoff
01:23:10Question - Dan T. Moore III
01:24:44Comment - Mike Archer
01:25:31Followup - Dan T. Moore III
01:26:30Comment - Steve Lipster
01:27:27Followup - Dan T. Moore III
01:28:44Comment - Dennis Franks
01:30:31Comment -Vicki Giambrone
01:32:21Comment - Kevin Miller
01:34:18Meeting Adjourned - Blane Walter
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