00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Boy Scout Troop 501 from Medina with the presentation the colors. Prayer by Pastor Mike McFarren a guest of Rep. Ron Amstutz
00:04:22Recognition Boy Scout Troop 501 from Medina Ohio presents Speaker William Batchelder with a honorary plaque
00:08:40Resolution - HR 341Rep. Green honoring William Marshall for sixty-five years as a Freemason
00:13:24Resolution - HR 344Reps. Grossman and Heather Bishoff honoring Tammy Green as the Ohio FIre Code Official of the Year
00:15:18Resolution - HR 366Rep. Rex Damschroder honoring Seth Williams as a 2014 Div. II State Wrestling Champion
00:18:42Resolution - HR 378Rep. John Patrick Carney et al., Honoring the Mabel G. Freeman Chapter of Mortar Board Senior Honor Society on its Centennial
00:31:25Introduction of Bills
00:33:28Third Consideration - SB 185Jim Buchy
00:39:12Third Consideration - SB 172Richard AdamsKevin Boyce
00:44:14Third Consideration - HB 223Cheryl GrossmanMike CurtinRobert Hagan
01:02:34Third Consideration - HB 234Cheryl GrossmanJohn Becker
01:10:58Third Consideration - HB 362Gary Scherer
01:14:38Third Consideration - HB 379Louis BlessingAl Landis
01:18:50Third Consideration - HB 393Nan BakerAl Landis
01:28:05Third Consideration - HB 394Ryan SmithNickie Antonio
01:38:51Third Consideration - HB 397Brian Hill
01:43:37Third Consideration - HB 404Anthony DeVitisMarilyn L. SlabyAndy Thompson
01:51:55Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 206Wes Retherford
01:54:43Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 232Barbara SearsZack Milkovich
01:57:30Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Marlene Anielski with a point of personal privilege
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