00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Pastor Craig Grammer, a guest of Rep. Kyle Koehler
00:04:20Resolution - HR 30Reps. Magg, Paul Zeltwanger and Speaker Cliff Rosenberger honoring Ernie Moore as Ohio's 2014-15 Warden of the year
00:09:14Resolution - HR 57Rep. Huffman honoring the Tri-Village High School boys basketball team on winning the 2015 Div. IV State Championship
00:11:33Resolution - HR 84Rep. Tony Burkley honoring the Defiance High School boys basketball team on winning the 2015 Div. II State Championship
00:15:03Resolution - HR 65Rep. Michael Stinziano honoring The Ohio State University College of Dentistry on its One Hundred Twenty-fifth Anniversary
00:18:47Resolution - HR 67Rep. Jim Buchy honoring the Fort Loramie High School girls basketball team as the 2015 Div. IV State Champion
00:21:57Point of Personal Privilege Reps. Lou Terhar and Hearcel F. Craig recognizing Vietnam Veterans Day
00:24:59Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Fred Strahorn recognizes a intern and staff member from his office
00:26:51Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Kathleen Clyde recognizing a departing staff member
00:28:26Resolution - HR 87Speaker Cliff Rosenberger and Rep. Fred Strahorn designating April 29, 2015 as Make-A-Wish Day
00:35:21Journal of Previous Day
00:35:34Introduction of Bills
00:36:17Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 47Louis BlessingDenise Driehaus
00:41:08Third Consideration - HB 5Kyle KoehlerJohn Rogers
00:46:03Third Consideration - HB 71Kristina RoegnerMichael Henne
00:50:21Third Consideration - SB 38James ButlerKathleen ClydeJames ButlerBarbara SearsGreta JohnsonMike Duffey
01:16:19Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Robert Sprague recognizing Prescription Drug Abuse Awareness Day
01:18:20Point of Personal Privilege Rep. House recognizing the situation in Baltimore
01:20:44Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Driehouse with a point of personal privilege
01:24:25Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Hagan with a point of personal privilege
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