00:01:09Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Pastor Matthew Richardson, a guest of Rep. Gerald Stebelton
00:04:41Resolution - HR 469Rep. Green honoring Joshua Siderits as a 203 National Gold Medal recipient
00:08:00Resolution - HR 532Rep. Jay Hottinger honoring the Granville High School girls cross country team as the 2014 Div. II State Champion
00:10:58Resolution - HR 534Rep. Marlene Anielski honoring Joseph Bistritz on winning the 2014 Div. II State Championship in boys cross country
00:14:26Resolution - HR 536Rep. Nickie J. Antonio honoring Jeffrey W. Patterson on being named the 2015 Ohio Superintendent of the Year
00:18:13Resolution - HR 541Rep. Jim Buchy honoring the Fort Loramie High School girls volleyball team on winning the 2014 Div. IV State Championship
00:21:31Resolution - HR 543Rep. Mark J. Romanchuk honoring the Mansfield Christian School boys soccer team as the 2014 Div. III State Champion
00:26:33Journal of Previous Day
00:27:39Resolution - HR 514In memory of James LantzGerald StebeltonWilliam Batchelder
00:41:49Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Rick Perales recognizing Nate Fox, a national semi-finalist in the 2014 Broadcom Masters progam
00:44:07Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Timothy Derickson recognizing his Legislative Aide, Spencer Gross
00:45:59Point of Personal Privilege Rep. Nickie J. Antonio recognizes her Legislative Aide, Kelly Smith
00:48:51Introduction of Bills
00:49:28Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 234Cheryl GrossmanTerry JohnsonJohn Becker
01:02:17Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 318Kristina Roegner
01:06:07Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 430Stephanie Kunze
01:09:07Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 511Barbara Sears
01:18:17Resolution - HR 562Relative to Travel AllowanceMatt Huffman
01:20:50Third Consideration - SB 42Kirk SchuringTeresa FedorKirk Schuring
01:29:05Third Consideration - SB 234Barbara Sears
01:29:49Third Consideration - SB 276Lynn WachtmannRon Amstutz
01:43:17Third Consideration - SB 243Matt Huffman
01:45:16Third Consideration - SB 96Gerald Stebelton
01:46:33Third Consideration - SB 272Marlene Anielski
01:49:48At Ease
01:50:08Recognition Member Farewell to Rep. McGregorBarbara SearsChris RedfernRoss McGregorWilliam Batchelder
02:31:50Third Consideration - SB 96Gerald StebeltonTeresa FedorGerald StebeltonTeresa FedorJohn Adams
02:43:27Third Consideration - SB 274Mike Duffey
02:52:33Third Consideration - SB 288Lynn WachtmannJim BuchyDan RamosBarbara SearsNickie AntonioBarbara SearsJohn Rogers
03:11:17Third Consideration - SB 342Mike DovillaRex DamschroderMicheal SheehyBill PatmonMatt HuffmanLou TerharRon MaagJohn Patrick CarneyDale Mallory Matt LynchKevin BoyceRex DamschroderMike DovillaJohn BarnesMike Dovilla
03:48:56Third Consideration - SB 243Ron AmstutzMatt Lundy Tom LetsonDenise DriehausMatt Lundy Barbara SearsJohn Patterson
04:08:05Third Consideration - SB 378Robert Sprague
04:15:27Recognition Member farewell to Rep. Michael FoleyRobert HaganMichael HenneMichael Foley
04:52:05Third Consideration - HB 248Christina HaganJohn Patrick CarneyLynn Wachtmann
05:08:05Recognition Member farewell to Rep. John AdamsJames ButlerTom LetsonJohn Adams
05:40:57Recognition Member Farewell to Rep. Lynn WachtmannRon AmstutzRobert HaganJim BuchyHeather BishoffLynn WachtmannWilliam Batchelder
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