00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Pastor Kevin Whitsett, a guest of Rep. Danny Bubp
00:05:49Recognition Rep. William Batchelder recognizes former Governor Ted Celeste
00:10:48Resolution - HR 437Rep. Gerald Stebelton honoring Jesse Oxley as the 2012 OHSAA Div. III State Pole Vault Champion
00:13:39Resolution - HR 497Reps. Michael Stinziano and Heard honoring Carole Morbitzer as the 2013 Teacher of the Year
00:18:19Resolution - HR Rep. Michael Stinziano with a resolution
00:22:32Journal of Previous Day
00:22:56Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 251Kirk Schuring
00:24:30Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 303Kirk SchuringMark OkeyKirk SchuringTom LetsonKirk Schuring
00:37:44Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 347Marlene Anielski
00:39:37Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 479Louis Blessing
00:42:39Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 481Robert Hackett
00:46:13Resolution Rep. Bill Patmon honoring the service of Congressman Dennis Kucinich
00:47:54Third Consideration - HB 610Louis Blessing
00:49:57Third Consideration - SB 37Rex DamschroderNickie AntonioBill PatmonJohn BarnesMatt HuffmanJim BuchyLouis Blessing
01:06:26Third Consideration - SB 114Rex Damschroder
01:12:51Third Consideration - SB 222Rex Damschroder
01:15:59Third Consideration - SB 298Ron YoungLou TerharTom Letson
01:24:43Recognition Rep. Danny Bubp Member FarewellGerald StebeltonTom LetsonDanny BubpWilliam Batchelder
01:50:56Recognition Rep. Casey Kozlowski Member FarewellRon YoungMichael StinzianoChristina HaganCasey KozlowskiWilliam Batchelder
02:08:10Recognition Rep. Nancy Garland Member FarewellDenise DriehausRex DamschroderNancy GarlandWilliam Batchelder
02:33:35Recognition Rep. Ted Celeste Member FarewellMichael FoleyLou TerharTed CelesteWilliam Batchelder
02:58:34Recognition Rep. Mark Okey Member FarewellDennis MurrayDave HallMark OkeyWilliam Batchelder
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