00:00:00Convene Session/InvocationFather Robert Willmann, St. Rose Catholic Church, New Lexington, OH
00:03:14Resolution - HR 252Upper Arlington High School Girls Lacrosse Team, Geoff Smith
00:06:44Resolution - HR 253Upper Arlington High School Boys Lacrosse Team, Geoff Smith
00:09:44Resolution - HR 299Upper Arlington High School Girls Tennis Team, Geoff Smith
00:12:21Journal of Previous Day
00:12:39Third Consideration - HB 11 Jerse, Michael Gilb
00:17:14Third Consideration - HB 36 John Willamowski
00:19:48Third Consideration - HB 181 Schaffer, John Boccieri
00:27:26Third Consideration - HB 406 Jeff Wagner, Thomas Patton, Perry, Joyce Beatty, James Trakas, Michael J. Skindell
00:36:33Third Consideration - HB 463 Courtney Eric Combs, Callender, Miller, Joyce Beatty
00:44:14Conference Committee Report - HB 432 Shawn Webster, Michael J. Skindell, Dan Stewart
00:50:17Resolution - HR 301 In memory of C. Lee Mantle, Gary Cates
00:57:24Resolution - HR 302 In Gary Catesry of Joseph F. Hiestand, Gary Cates, David Daniels
01:03:07RecognitionMember farwell to Jerse, Jean Schmidt, William Hartnett, T. Patton, Robert Latta, James Trakas, Key, Miller, Wilson, Charles Calvert, Callender, Grendell, Bill Seitz, Gary Cates, Olman, Chris Redfern, Larry Householder, Jerse
01:41:52RecognitionMember farwell to Patricia Clancy, Robert Latta, Raussen, Michael J. Skindell, Bill Seitz, T.Patton, Merle Grace Kearns, Barrett, Flowers, Joyce Beatty, Wilson, Michael DeBose, Schneider, Shawn Webster, Tom Niehaus, Gary Cates, Larry Householder, Patricia Clancy
02:09:29RecognitionMember farwell to Lynn Olman, Raussen, Charles Calvert, Peterson, Miller, Perry, Driehaus, Shawn Webster, Hagan, Mary M. Cirelli, Flowers, Nancy P. Hollister, John Boccieri, Dan Stewart, Hoops, Peter Ujvagi, Chris Redfern, Jimmy Stewart, Stephen Buehrer, Robert Latta, Kathleen L. Walcher, Evans, Keith Faber, Gary Cates, Larry Householder, Olman
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