00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation
00:01:25RecognitionSchaffer, Honoring Greg Andrulis and Robin Fraser of the Columbus Crew
00:08:05Third Consideration - HB 175Stephen Buehrer, Michael J. Skindell
00:10:15Third Consideration - HB 184Jean Schmidt, Jerse, Robert Latta
00:15:45Third Consideration - HB 200John Willamowski
00:19:58Third Consideration - HB 231Tom Niehaus, Grendell, Callender, McGregor
00:26:43Conference Committee Report - HB 322Chris Widener
00:30:45Resolution - SCR 32T.Patton, Miller, Charles Calvert, Chris Redfern
00:41:05Third Consideration - SB 185Michael Gilb
00:44:12Third Consideration - HB 509John Schlichter, Stephen Buehrer
00:48:08Third Consideration - HB 510Flowers, Miller, James Trakas, Thom Collier, T. Patton
00:56:54Third Consideration - HB 516Bill Seitz
01:02:37Third Consideration - HB 536John Schlichter
01:05:00Recognition Patricia Clancy, Charles Blasdel, Barrett, Wilson, James Trakas, Bill Seitz, Jerse, Tyrone Yates, Shawn Webster, Nancy P. Hollister, Schneider, Geoff Smith, T. Patton, Olman, Gary Cates, Joyce Beatty, Larry Householder, Jean Schmidt
01:45:50RecognitionKenneth Carano, John Domenick, Harwood, L. George Distel, Driehaus, Charles Blasdel, Bill Seitz, John Boccieri, Chris Redfern, Key, Larry Householder, Sferra
02:12:40Recognition Charles Calvert, Callender, Thom Collier, Jerse, L. George Distel, Bill Seitz, Robert Latta, T. Patton, Joyce Beatty, Shawn Webster, Kilbane, Keith Faber, Larry Householder, Grendell
02:42:15Recognition Nancy P. Hollister, David Daniels, Raussen, Chris Widener, Charles Blasdel, Patricia Clancy, Shawn Webster, Driehaus, Kilbane, Jean Schmidt, Flowers, Bill Seitz, Geoff Smith, Barrett, Jim Carmichael, Housholder, Tom Niehaus
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