00:00:00Convene Session/Invocation Prayer by Rep. Pryor
00:02:52Journal of Previous Day
00:03:44Consideration of Senate Amendment - HJR 2Margaret Ruhl
00:04:27Consideration of Senate Amendment - HB 495Matt SzollosiTodd Book
00:11:07Resolution - HR 437In memory of the Honorable William Bart SaxbeWilliam Batchelder
00:18:39Resolution - HR 439In memory of the Honorable Donald E. "Buzz" LukensWilliam Batchelder
00:26:04Resolution Rep. John Adams Honoring the Minster High School girls cross country team as the 2010 Div. III State Champions
00:29:34Resolution Rep. James Zehringer Honoring Tammy Berger on winning the 2010 Div. III State Cross Country Championship
00:31:30Motion - SB 239Danny Bubp
00:32:17Motion - SB 247Danny Bubp
00:33:00Third Consideration - SB 51John Domenick
00:36:35Third Consideration - SB 235Kathleen ChandlerWilliam P. Coley
00:46:12Third Consideration - HB 301Michael FoleyTracy Maxwell HeardMichael FoleyJarrod Martin
00:54:44Third Consideration - HB 331Robert HaganDavid DanielsStephen DyerDave BurkeMichael SkindellRobert HaganWilliam P. ColeyRobert Hagan
01:23:04Third Consideration - HB 523Denise DriehausDebbie PhillipsJoseph UeckerDebbie PhillipsConnie PillichLouis Blessing
01:44:37Third Consideration - SJR 5Daniel StewartRobert MecklenborgTom LetsonRobert MecklenborgDaniel Stewart
02:05:20Recognition David Daniels
02:08:48Recognition In recognition of U.S.Marine Corpal Luke ScottDanny Bubp
02:12:33Recognition Farewell remarks to Rep. Michael DeboseSandra WilliamsWilliam BatchelderMichael DeBose
02:17:54Recognition Farewell remarks to Rep. Mark SchneiderStephen SlesnickKevin BaconMark Schneider
02:30:48Recognition Farewell remarks to Rep. Dan DoddTimothy DeGeeterJay HottingerDan Dodd
02:44:10Recognition Farewell remarks to Rep. Sandra HarwoodKathleen ChandlerKevin BaconSandra Stabile Harwood
02:59:42Recognition Farewell remarks to Rep. Linda S. BolonLorraine FendeJeffrey McClainLinda S. Bolon
03:11:42Recognition Farewell remarks to Rep. Michael J. SkindellMichael FoleyWilliam P. ColeyMichael Skindell
03:25:20Recognition Farewell remarks to Rep. Debbie Deborah NewcombLorraine FendePeggy LehnerDeborah Newcomb
03:35:50Recognition Farewell remarks to Rep. Kathleen ChandlerConnie PillichTerry BlairKathleen Chandler
03:46:06Recognition Farewell remarks to Rep. Dan StewartTed CelesteRobert MecklenborgDaniel Stewart
04:09:56Recognition Farewell remarks to Rep. Edna BrownTracy Maxwell HeardRandy GardnerEdna Brown
04:21:17Recognition Farewell remarks to Rep Joseph KoziuraRobert HaganLouis BlessingJoseph Koziura
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